Analysis of the sale of this bottle gourd in the end is what drugs

if you ask me what adjectives to describe the Spring Festival in 2015, then I think "red envelopes" may be the most appropriate vocabulary. Along with WeChat and Alipay deep red marketing seems to have become the main melody of the Spring Festival. Whether it is Spring Festival or new year’s day, online payment using red gift money has become a popular form, and the formation of this trend also led directly to some friends issued a "Spring Festival simply called Red Day" helpless. read more

Sources said Twitter refinancing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of $7 billion valuation

July 6th news, according to Barron’s report, sources said, Twitter raised a few hundred million dollars in a new round of financing, the company’s valuation of $7 billion. But it is unclear which investors are involved in the financing.

in December last year, Twitter raised $200 million in financing led by KPCB, the company’s valuation of $3 billion 700 million. For today’s news, Twitter spokesman declined to comment. Twitter is a micro-blog service provider that allows users to post and read short messages known as tweet. read more

Taobao Electric City started early summer big promotion

the morning of May 25th 10, Taobao Electric City started early summer big promotion. Hundreds of thousands of commodities on the brand to join the big promotion, all participating in the lowest 1 yuan, the maximum not more than 30 percent off.

it is understood that this summer is the longest summer, refrigerator, air conditioning, electric fans and other commodities become a recent online shopping on holidays. Taobao electric city to allow consumers to enjoy better net goods, started early summer big promotion. Big promotion lasted a week, every day 15:00 and 20:00 value spike; hundreds of special merchandise value promotions; also specifically for housewives, white-collar workers, the owner of the corresponding special offer. read more

Transfer D web was closed because of a lot of money owed to the warehouse

in the face of "brutal layoffs" incident, cotton net again in crisis. At present, cotton net all commodities have been off the shelf. According to the official net cotton goods shelves, the reason is "storage system failure", but the reporter learned yesterday, due to the default of a lot of money, the warehouse has been seized on D web days ago.

reporter saw yesterday, D cotton net official website all goods shelves. The official statement said the reason for the shelf is the storage system failure". In addition to the independent B2C, D web in Tmall, Jingdong mall open platform flagship store of goods shelves across the board. read more

Gome appliances to open electricity supplier deeply online threats

as China is also the largest home appliance chain has been the first, Gome experienced a few years after the unrest, but also encountered the threat of electricity providers may be subversive. This time, the United States can survive it?

"in 2012, the United States deeply felt the rapid development of e-commerce, especially in Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities have constituted a significant impact on the store." The United States President Wang Junzhou yesterday in the 2013 – 2015 strategic planning conference on the electricity supplier to the threat of the United States declare in no uncertain terms. read more

Google Analytics is about to open the AdSense ad click tracking function

learned from a foreign forum, Google Analytics is about to open the AdSense ad click tracking function. This is really a good news for Adsense publishers, which means you can know which pages are more popular and can be more effective against malicious clicks.


You will be to track clicks on your ads AdSense using Google Analytics reports.

visitor able soon

These new in have enough to you exactly measure AdSense performance on every single page of details your website.

help Analytics reports read more