has spread Shanghai dragon old saying that content is king, the chain for the emperor, and up to now, this sentence is still as the Shanghai dragon optimization based, but many novice friends often hit a wall in Shanghai Longfeng original content, in 2016 the impact from the media mode, the chain for more and more weak, resulting in a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er optimization purpose transfer to content creation, we all know that the reproduced contents are easily mistaken search engine spam, so Shanghai Yao Shanghai dragon will come to you in detail, how to make high quality original content.  

two. To learn from looking at the

three. The learning of others is how to do the original content of the website


according to the experience of small series, you may wish to search engines to find the place, like QQ, Taobao, QQ space are search engines crawl to the place, but also in the above content rich, just search keywords they want, there will be a lot of content, some content is a picture, so long you can put pictures on writing down, you can become a classic piece of content, but should pay attention to, finishing a good content, try to fall in love with the sea search box, see if repeat.

. To search engine does not include the search site

the original content, not only to write out the contents, but also meet the user needs to search, the search has the reference value, which is why every day Xiaobian want to spend 3 hours to write original content is the same as the original content, good writing, but with the original content value is more difficult, so if you cannot write the value of content, may wish to take a look at some suggestions.

it has little damage, but very labor-saving, can go to the relevant peer site copy article, but to find not included the articles, it is best to find a new web site, because new sites included will be very slow, but suggest the best appropriate changes, so as to avoid the dispute, but it also depends on how the content of these sites the quality, if not the quality, do not consider this trick. Remember before Xiaobian found a new content, updated every day a lot of dry cargo, Xiao Bian will not hesitate to take over, fast start up weight, content is also relatively easy.

four. To find the contents of

micro-blog, Post Bar is active users in more places, every day of the original topic of interest to users, but also time is very strong, although micro-blog now playing fewer people, but the content is very good theme, the current search engine.

if second strokes damage, but it might have been intended conscience, try this, observe how others do original content, a good content must spend a lot of time to make good content, see page ranking counterparts are what to do, because can row on the home page, the content is user care, take some time to look at the contents of the writing direction of peers.

, micro-blog Post Bar

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