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and anchor text: the correlation between the mean that the anchor text links that you do need the site with your own site in the industry are related. Why? The reason is very simple, every chain is actually a vote, the vote can enhance the search engine on your trust, if it is not related to site of the vote, compared to your site a little contribution.



I want to play in the chain in the site optimization process for everyone is aware of the. But a lot of just entering the Shanghai dragon new in this field still ring in about such as how to build the chain is the most effective in the circle, such doubts I think is a period that must be experienced each person entered the industry optimization. How can we build the chain to achieve a multiplier effect? The author today on this issue share three of their own views.

two, the anchor text keywords that you need to pay attention to diversification: used in the construction of the anchor text links need to diversify, we all know some long tail keywords if optimization good word can bring a lot of money flow for our site. So when we do the anchor text of the chain we try to avoid the use of keywords too single anchor text to the construction of a single anchor text, the construction should be diversified, find some relevant keywords or long tail keywords.

we can find that there are a lot of veteran in stationmaster net issued an article about the chain said some of the sites can be ignored, such as with the JS jump, or with the nofollow tag site etc.. These sites even if you send the chain more, also basically can not transfer the weight. A common problem is that many beginners start to take "chain sea" tactics, no matter how much is the weight of the site, to see the place to send the chain on the hair, and that some of the chain will often not what effect, if you domain to the outside of the chain more, the significance is not for the site great. How to build the chain is the most effective, can achieve a multiplier effect? The author thinks: in some weight high released with the anchor text links is the best! Link anchor text in the text is called adding hyperlinks, the anchor text is the best form of the chain. But when we are building the anchor text of the chain, we need to pay attention to from the following three aspects, in order to get a multiplier effect.

The correlation between

three, the anchor text to the harmony of the station outside the station: anchor text anchor text and the station outside the station is just as important. For the construction of the anchor text, we should make them a stable and harmonious proportion. Do not just pay attention to the construction of station anchor text, while ignoring the station anchor text.


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