what is the mobile adaptation,

1) rule adaptation: when the PC address and mobile address rule (pattern) matching relations (such as PC page www.xxx贵族宝贝/picture/12345.html, mobile page m.xxx贵族宝贝/picture.12345.html), you can use the rules of adaptation, adding PC and moving regular expressions, writing is the "regular" format. We strongly recommend that you use the rules of adaptation, a successful submission after the commencement of the sustainable effect for the new URL with the rules, do not need to repeatedly submit. At the same time, the way to deal with the URL adaptation period is relatively shorter, and >

The PC page page and mobile phone correspondence between

is a mobile adaptation tool support rule adaptation submitted URL adaptation submitted, whether you use what way you need to specify the PC and the mobile station, the move could make the platform more quickly test the data you submit, give feedback, smooth effect. At the same time after your step submitted adaptation data must be included in the specified site, otherwise it will lead to failure check.

the fourth step, according to submit its own adaptation data characteristics, choose your submission:

The first step of When you have the main

, registered and logged in Shanghai Webmaster Platform

webmaster through mobile adaptation tools submitted to pattern level or URL level, if can be successfully verified, will help Shanghai mobile phone results page love mobile search mobile users directly into the corresponding. Actively participate in the "mobile adaptation", will help your mobile phone stand in love Shanghai mobile search to get more traffic, at the same time to win a better browsing user reputation effect.

search users in Shanghai love mobile search search experience, will give the corresponding PC page page in a mobile phone where the search results have more opportunity to show, the corresponding relations need to love Shanghai site to submit the main content of the same PC pages and mobile page, namely mobile adaptation. Therefore, love Shanghai mobile search provides "mobile adaptation" service, if you have the PC station and mobile phone station, and the two corresponding to the content, the main content is exactly the same, you can move through the adaptation tool correspondence submitted.

loveSecond step Third step

site verification, enter the "tools" — "mobile zone" — "mobile adaptation tools", choose the specific needs of mobile adaptation of PC station, and then add the matching relation of "

mobile adaptation tools how to use

mobile adaptation tools

, submit the ownership of the PC site and ID site verification and validation, the specific site belonging to visible help documentation

mobile site and PC site, and mobile and PC pages and content exactly the same, you can submit in the adaptation between the right through the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform, get more mobile traffic.

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