website content, keywords and a certain flow as the site of the two directory. For the two level directory and Keywords tag and description tag, so you can make clear the main content of this search engine classification directory.

How to use the

is to sum up, the tree structure website into standard, let the home page of the weight on the two level directory as much as possible during the transfer process, it can not only improve the two level directory can also enhance the site overall weight weight.

two directory improve website weight? Recently analyzed a number of large shopping mall and classified information website, found large websites have a characteristic, improve the overall website weight by using a lot of two directories. You can go to study large classification information network two directories, cite a simple example, this kind of website in a real estate section is about 10 pages (catalogue of second-hand housing, rental housing, shops, etc.) and the weight of each category are relatively high, this is how to do? Today we have through the analysis of large sites to learn how to use the two directory to enhance website weight.

First we select

finally, the chain within the chain and enhance the weight of the two level, the best way is to exchange Links, but because of the general two directory few people will exchange with you, so can the second exchange and the other page in the Links. There is as much as possible point of the chain link in the two catalog, the search engine of the foreign chain of more and more, and a lot of Shanghai Longfeng class blog forum included fewer, the need to sum up what the quality of the chain resources.

next update in the catalogue of articles, and make sure you will be in the 3 level directory URL to show (be sure to note must use 3 directory URL to show), a lot of personal blogs and forums have a misunderstanding with the 2 level directory display included articles for the article, indeed to search engine 2 directory included more easily, but the site weight, if the page is 2 level directory so the weight of the entire site was completely dispersed to various articles, no prominent website focused on the optimization of place, and will be the site of the weight to several 2 directories more conducive to their ranking with 3 directories. The article only included and cannot bring traffic is meaningless. At the same time, the search engine also supports 3 level directory search, so this article try to original included no big problem.

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