opened the Tencent micro-blog friends all know that micro-blog can open enterprise Tencent, propaganda enterprise brand, so that consumers can communicate more opportunities; we can use this opportunity to open up new customers to sell; let the news media can be more free, control messages automatically and timely etc.. How can I let love Shanghai included in the Tencent released on micro-blog micro-blog

5, clear my head (the real information makes people feel more credible, growth is focus on the probability of


4, to join the micro group, to find the "mutual powder" micro group, add a few published daily mutual powder paste, of course you must first fly people.

3, a lot of comments and reply to your micro-blog, such people may be interested in you to pay attention to you.

7, the rival Tencent micro-blog, wwpd.

8, if you want to quickly increase liquidity, through an intermediary to buy fans, so fans, but from the point of view of the Shanghai dragon, do not suggest that you do so, because the fans do not understand the intermediary to what you do, and even put your message as spam to cancel the attention.


3, listen to the number of 100

long?First, micro-blog certified

every day to do the task, the Tencent will also accelerate the corresponding level of micro-blog.

The quality of micro-blog

2, micro-blog, chinfa topic on the hotline to send some of your interest, (such as: how fast within a week lost ten pounds)

2, the audience number 50

mobile phone binding )

6, enrich their personal data, give yourself some stickers labels.

5, opening a small group, you are all the fans to join the micro group of people, of course, the micro mass must be high, can attract people to join.

Tencent, micro-blog fans to increase the expansion of knowledge skills:

Tencent micro-blog real name authentication need to do the following five points:

why Tencent micro-blog certification? Tencent micro-blog certification, will enhance the credibility of micro-blog users, and users may get Tencent micro-blog popular page recommendation, thus increasing the number and influence of micro-blog fans.

second, the original article update, attract spider patronage love Shanghai

1, every active concern for others, the ten one will return to your attention.

4, grade 4 and above (that we need to do every day Tencent micro-blog task) specific steps: click the task icon, follow the prompts for each task, as follows:

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