in Shanghai Longfeng numerous factors, site title and site description is undoubtedly very important. This is mainly based on the search engine to determine the contents of web search engine is the key factor to the website ranking. Title show the theme of the web page, description is a simple overview of web content.

at the end of the day, our website is to give users see. "The title and description will appear in the search results page, the user experience directly determines the site click rate. So we are written in title and description sites don’t forget to please the user.

to successfully carry out the Shanghai dragon, in the process of operation must always run through two main lines: one is to speed up the site, one is to enhance the website ranking. Included is the premise, only one page is included, this page will have the opportunity to participate in the rankings. The more pages of a website is collected, the weight of this web site is higher, the greater the overall ranking for the site. Too much emphasis on the Shanghai dragon chain, and ignore the construction of the site itself, it is often difficult to achieve good optimization effect. But for the majority of Shanghai dragon people, Yue Hao think is real station optimization with the technical content and core competitiveness. The following is from speeding up the rankings and included angle to talk about how to optimize the site internal good.

two, website URL optimization

site is between the search engine and web content.

title and description

, website optimization

on a website, if each page of the title or description are the same, it is not conducive to the site included. The search engine may therefore judge, the site has a large number of duplicate pages, which included refused. If your site search engine for such a bad impression, for ranking is not a good thing.

search engine love website title and description often have the following characteristics: 1, each page of the title and description are the one and only. 2, each page title and description can accurately convey the theme of the web page content. 3, the use of simple and coherent text description, rather than the keywords stack. Keywords 4, reasonable layout optimization to you.

URL is the site of each page of the web site, the search engine is to each page through the web site, and then the content capture. URL poor tend to search engine spiders out, let search engines to crawl the web content. Dynamic web site too much long, the parameter is not conducive to the search engine to crawl.


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