is the greatest impact on quality of the account structure. Love Shanghai promotion system can be divided into the keyword promotion plan and promotion unit of two layer structure. It is not easy to plan and unit will be included in the key words into separate columns designed beforehand, we can use Excel to edit, promotion unit is finally divided into good only in less than 30 words can be.

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we must first understand the love of Shanghai in the promotion of the concept of quality, quality is a key attribute, it is based on keywords creative quality, click rate, account structure, account of various factors such as historical performance calculated the value of love Shanghai promotion system. In the account, the quality of the whole is divided into three levels, the 3 stars are excellent, 2 stars are good, the 1 stars are poor. In the latest love Shanghai phoenix nest system 2, the quality of 1 stars and divided into green and grey, we can simply understand, poor and very poor.

algorithm only know love Shanghai, has not publicly, the majority of advertisers can only rely on the results to bring down the degree of several factors affecting the quality of.


The concept of quality of

is now the love Shanghai promotion is completely black box operation, the price still had to say is a key quality of Shanghai depends on this, after all the love to eat ah. So the keyword bid relatively high degree of probability to get the Samsung quality will be higher, at the same time price stability is also very important, today the first row on the left, tomorrow the second page, may cause sharp fluctuations in the click rate, so it is not conducive to improving the quality of the.

for search engines, PPC is pay per click, click the number of keywords more income more, the number of Internet users is certain, so click rate is high, the search engine more money. Increase the click rate is to improve the process of user experience, search engines consider various influence aspects of the user experience, ultimately reflect the quality of. The user experience is good advertising quality degree is high, which can get more income. This is a search engine that can arouse one advertiser for high quality account of consciousness, and can also improve Internet users access to the user experience.

quality is a milepost PPC search engine development, in today’s major search engine bidding mechanism in Shanghai, whether it is love or Google, there is the quality of the figure. This paper mainly introduces the Chinese search engine is absolutely dominant in the promotion of quality of love in Shanghai, although Shanghai has been the quality of love as the most intimate part, unwilling to show, but it can not stop the pace of it on you.

The quality of the

is very important for the quality of ideas, "

quality optimization guide

The quality of the internal

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