thematic content production essentials

2: in addition, can provide users to participate in discussions and opinions of the channel, open open voting area following topic page comments, to each other "


website project attracted a huge number of users only need to pay attention to the information, and will attract the attention of small sites, the content is constantly updated in addition, is the most expensive way of all promotional tools, the price is quite high.


special production method


1:PS, can learn from the design portal or newspaper webpage design, special design not only to fully express their intentions, and be sure to help users distinguish primary and secondary, important information, web design generally requires eye-catching pictures, color or text set in the banner, and the link must be plus.

3: familiar with CMS system, another is the CMS system we used has its own special template function, set the corresponding label, HTML template, you can update this way, the need for timely updating of information project, such as Zhongguancun online for "iPhone 5 zone", note: iPhone 5 ZOL is not listed, but first make a good topic, to get ahead of the search engine rankings, we can see the keywords and description, written in very wretched, iPhone 5 has become a popular search term, it has gained more traffic and customers.

1: we can see various viewpoints to show up in the form of charts and tables, all show a different point of view, this way is "pure reprint, landscaping, publishing it content can (must remember is related to the content, oh) is non private users and search engine judgment.


2:HTML has a lot of knowledge, a method of manufacturing a special, pure static HTML pages to make a few, such as a power station portal Lou loose know, special pages are all static HTML pages produced by the production method is not need long time to update, and create a simple, familiar with the HTML Web page making people but need to do.

Lou loose recommend website project has a more important reason: special easier access to search engine rankings, due to a large amount of information, very suitable for small and medium-sized webmaster do competitive keyword. Below I will introduce small owners how to make web page optimization and Shanghai dragon.

Of course,

listed Microsoft, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Pacific and other mainstream network media have made special reports, don’t think this is voluntary, is actually spent the money. If the Internet users in the forum to see the post in may one or two minutes, three or four minutes watching video online, then on the subject may spend half an hour, which is why Microsoft wants to spend money to do the project.

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