Non timing is a liar do poineering failure of college students actually re – entrepreneurial dream

this time by the non sequential students oral: high school, I will help the family to do business, during the University, he also opened a shop to help the family life to achieve the national, early or very successful. After graduating from college, I worked full-time from the shop this one, but also accumulated a certain amount of money, and friends and partners to do the shop.

for the first time, are full of passion, too confident, what is good to think about, never thought about the way to deal with poor management, how to do after the failure, etc.. read more

2015 Entrepreneurial anxiety outbreak year

was born in 80s, this group of people, the first 80 students who are 35 years old, sandwiched between standing and perplexed, character and mature, skilled work skills, industry contacts, economic foundation, when the life in the golden age, also may be the best time to start a business.

the late 89 born people also have 3~5 years of work experience, they are standing in the company and the company is at the crossroads, switched to a better business, or choose a business? The former is relatively stable, the latter’s risk. read more

Baidu President Zhang Yaqin Entrepreneurship must have a sense of mission

Baidu CEO Zhang Yaqin


technology news March 26th evening news, at the Boao forum for Asia "young leaders Roundtable, Baidu President Zhang Yaqin talked about his views on business, he believes that now encourage entrepreneurship is a good thing, but do not start to start, if you are doing the same thing will only result in the waste of resources.

the young leaders Roundtable to multiple times the power of the individual "as the theme, and youth leaders to discuss the participants as young people, in an increasingly pluralistic" Internet and split the world and the times, how should do, how to make the power of the individual outbreak unlimited positive energy in order to promote tolerance, social progress and development. read more

Three new board exacerbate PE 28 differentiation remodeling pattern coaches at least 5 players to pr

Abstract: according to incomplete statistics, has three new board listed venture capital institutions including Jiuding investment, investment in the division, Cowin, Silicon Valley paradise, Akashi investment and many other institutions, including the sky map capital, the combined force of Qingyuan, Zhejiang venture all submitted application materials, star capital, it also established $PE in the process of promoting the listing of PE, a time machine constitutes a new three popular".

  read more

Ten deep grilled unicorn Marshal Xu Xin sees Ma Huateng personally selected Ma as the enemy

from the above 10 Unicorn founder of the distribution of the company, no one is doing the mobile Internet this thing, of which there are 5 mobile providers do. In addition, witty Xiao Bian also found 10 of all men, and there are 3 Zhang and wang…… Remove the young unicorns characters, and the rest of the same young Unicorn founder, such as Wang Xing, Wang tao…

[editor’s note] in 2016 near the end of this year’s economic restructuring in the downward trend, so that all industries are facing a severe test, the end of the investment community special planning: 20 thousand and 160 Unicorn series. Review this year and a storm wave undulator in the market, the unicorn there is life and death, also have a desolately…… read more

Since the media how millions of monthly income liquidation method analysis

I never play the title of the party, this melancholy, or will write. After all, the output can not be fun but also output information. The reason why the realization of this seemingly not in the flow of things inside this series, said the ultimate flow system, of course, there is an inherent driving force.

why is the realization of the intrinsic driving force does not rule out a number of people lying on the table do not expect it to eat eggs. But as long as the flow up, money this thing he would not have been more difficult. I say this from the media, more than an industry, not just a person to open a micro-blog send a complaint, the WeChat public platform every day the sun photo is from the media. Since the extension of the concept of the media can be very large, it can become an industry alone, can also be embedded in other industrial symbiosis. read more

One table network collapse rumors, 95% fresh electricity supplier losses in the road where

Abstract: as the electricity supplier industry, the last piece of blue ocean, fresh electricity supplier is also a very difficult to gnaw bones. The day before the Shanghai fresh business platform a table network has been traced to the shelf full of goods, the headquarters have been left vacant, collapsing rumors. Fresh electricity enterprises are experiencing a knockout, fresh electricity industry is mixed.

electricity supplier industry as the last piece of blue ocean, fresh electricity supplier is also a very difficult to gnaw bones. Recently, a series of fresh business enterprise difficult, after 77 failures, delicious love fresh fruit, bee large layoffs help after the closure, the day before the Shanghai fresh business platform a table network has been traced to the shelf full of goods, the headquarters have been left vacant, collapsing rumors. read more

Lazy man lost the actual controller suspected away ten million yuan investment funds

lazy rich announcement

    Sina Francisco September 27th noon news, P2P platform rich lazy recently announced that the company’s actual controller Zhong Ninglin lost, it will be 11 million 600 thousand yuan of investment funds on the platform of withdrawals to their personal bank card, resulting in the company not normal payment.

lazy man announced on the official website, all funds and investment platform for investors are controlled by Zhong Ninglin, as the company is still unable to contact him, lazy rich has confirmed that Zhong Ninglin lost contact. read more

Entrepreneurs forced lifting method Mastering the 10 words, VC afraid of being intimidated

Abstract: if the company does not do well, VC allows entrepreneurs to repurchase shares of the exit way is basically feasible, the company did not do a good job, where wealthy entrepreneurs repurchase? Find a VC over other disk may be considered, but let the new VC believe that this company is not a hot potato is great the difficulty of the.

first listen to a conversation with an entrepreneur VC:

VC: Zhang total, we have a few partner to look at you this Deal, in general, you Business Model have innovation, cash flow and revenue is very healthy, your founder and team we are also very satisfied. We are going to put 3 million to your post valuation by 8 times forward P/E, later I will give you a Term Sheet, you look, the sign we started doing DD, and reported IC approval, if successful, after 2 months can be close. read more