Circle of friends worth 2 trillion and 600 billion of investors Shen Napeng 2017, these four types o

archer Shen Napeng, investment style is fast, steady, accurate, there are insiders commented that he entered the fast, quick returns, famous fast, smiling face, he is fast "fast gunman patience, to control risk class. The idea is to "bet on the track" rather than "bet on the race."". Shen Ya evaluation, Shen Napeng at least through the layout of the electricity supplier, has bought the entire track.

VC in the circle of such a piece:

the four master, Yan Yan, Shen Napeng, ashes of time t. Jin Haitao…… As for the North beggar, probably still fighting from…… read more

Since the media how millions of monthly income liquidation method analysis

I never play the title of the party, this melancholy, or will write. After all, the output can not be fun but also output information. The reason why the realization of this seemingly not in the flow of things inside this series, said the ultimate flow system, of course, there is an inherent driving force.

why is the realization of the intrinsic driving force does not rule out a number of people lying on the table do not expect it to eat eggs. But as long as the flow up, money this thing he would not have been more difficult. I say this from the media, more than an industry, not just a person to open a micro-blog send a complaint, the WeChat public platform every day the sun photo is from the media. Since the extension of the concept of the media can be very large, it can become an industry alone, can also be embedded in other industrial symbiosis. read more