Do Wangzhuan novice four

, one must choose the Wangzhuan, this is the key to


now many domestic and foreign outstanding Wangzhuan Wangzhuan can earn money, but also a lot of. But fish do not pay the Wangzhuan also many, keep their eyes open!! how to judge a good Wangzhuan? Can make friends in the net search, see the comments! Check it again

Wangzhuan liar!

two, must have the confidence and determination to win. Z7

has just started to do Wangzhuan, will encounter many difficulties and confusion. For example, it is difficult to pay it, pull off the difficulties, too little income, etc.. However, as long as there is confidence and determination, the beginning of all things difficult to overcome the difficulties, after the income will increase. read more

A WeChat grass root entrepreneurial sentiment not for the fans bow

Haoyuedangkong night, dead calm. Lit a cigarette, silently sank deep thought. Recall a few days ago pan pan in the circle of friends referred to the boundaries of WeChat entrepreneurs, at this time feel that they have been personally. As a grass root, if not to mention business, counter attack, even the chance is very slim straight line. From the first day as a personal webmaster, now WeChat venture, dreams were removed from the Internet for nearly eight years. When he was so poor that he had only a dream, he wanted to do anything close to his dream. So, the five words of "Tao, wisdom, faith, benevolence, courage and strictness" became the motto of their own business. In the face of the reality of the market, any dream or motto is the devil always cannot withstand a single blow, trouble constantly, the temptation to do some things contrary to conscience. Entrepreneurs can have their own dark side, but also have to have. Helpless and dissatisfied, I just don’t want to wear a mask, get your ass dirty. But it is more difficult than ever, because I don’t get to see second days of sunshine. read more

The webmaster to teach you how to thousand

I’m definitely the kind of newly recruited novice webmaster, but that no technical webmaster, but the website has achieved many webmaster envy "over a million monthly target. Like other stationmaster industry expert, I belong to the kind of money secretly unknown to the public, low-key webmaster.

just entered the two months to achieve such a result, we certainly think that there are some unknown promotion methods, in fact, I did not do it for two months, Taobao, do not understand anything, what skills. I use the way of promotion is very old, everyone can in stationmaster net can see, if you let me say what I can say, I carry on the common method of execution, to the extreme, and then made a little money. If we are constantly looking for new ways to promote, and those very simple and easy to operate the way to throw the words, so in this competitive Taobao circle, very read more

Zhu Ke’s intention of outsourcing a small team of Entrepreneurs UI design of the seven years

many entrepreneurs in the development to a certain stage, they began to be interested in the quality of the entire entrepreneurial team. At this time, UI design is the gateway must face.

but there is a market demand, there will be entrepreneurs involved. UI design in this field, although not significant, but there are still some design companies attracted the attention of the industry. Overall, however, there are relatively few winners in this field.

, a web designer at the media, Zhu Ke, in 2011, together with two co founders, founded his own UI design studio, the intention of the design. Designed to focus on the Internet user interface design, to provide customers with web design. UI is designed to withstand the weight of the choice of the field of study, is the first success of the work of Zhu Ke’s stepping stone, but also Zhu Ke has been doing since 06 years. However, with UI, the design of Zhu Ke, why not take the initiative to pull customers do effect chart design? He and two other major energy founder why current do not care, but the intention of the high hopes? They dare not bigger? Or another reason behind the read more

My single page Taobao guest failed

some time ago in the A5 issued an article, talking about how to do a single page is mainly used to promote Taobao customers. To tell the truth, before his own hair some articles has two purposes: one is to increase the high weight of the chain to two; it is their own website through storytelling generally described as. However, only a few days, my Taobao guest single page template almost flush, retained three days as can be imagined, Google first brush down, painful.

actually had to do, just feel that the site template is very clear, the internal structure optimization is very good, did not consider to do a single page promotion most need to consider a problem, conversion rate". In the promotion of the site at the same time, I did not even see the background of Taobao customers to see how my Taobao customer data, how to promote, but blindly promotion. This log, terrified ah, could not believe my own eyes, in 10 days time, there are only 1 single transaction, have access and I imagine the data flow is absolutely true, search is about 100, the rest are forum and SNS sites. (here is the guest background + Baidu chart) read more

Circle of friends worth 2 trillion and 600 billion of investors Shen Napeng 2017, these four types o

archer Shen Napeng, investment style is fast, steady, accurate, there are insiders commented that he entered the fast, quick returns, famous fast, smiling face, he is fast "fast gunman patience, to control risk class. The idea is to "bet on the track" rather than "bet on the race."". Shen Ya evaluation, Shen Napeng at least through the layout of the electricity supplier, has bought the entire track.

VC in the circle of such a piece:

the four master, Yan Yan, Shen Napeng, ashes of time t. Jin Haitao…… As for the North beggar, probably still fighting from…… read more

Since the media how millions of monthly income liquidation method analysis

I never play the title of the party, this melancholy, or will write. After all, the output can not be fun but also output information. The reason why the realization of this seemingly not in the flow of things inside this series, said the ultimate flow system, of course, there is an inherent driving force.

why is the realization of the intrinsic driving force does not rule out a number of people lying on the table do not expect it to eat eggs. But as long as the flow up, money this thing he would not have been more difficult. I say this from the media, more than an industry, not just a person to open a micro-blog send a complaint, the WeChat public platform every day the sun photo is from the media. Since the extension of the concept of the media can be very large, it can become an industry alone, can also be embedded in other industrial symbiosis. read more