Why are you holding on to the company’s high valuationHuanxiang Shenzhou Zhang Xin Wei 20 years 3 en

was founded in 2003, Tianyuan Longma dedicated firewall, became chairman.

from the finance advisory transformation has become the occupation of venture capital, a year’s time, signed 5 investment in terms of the book, I want to say a word now: as a venture at the negotiating table, not what this feeling worse than.

now, let’s assume that there’s a company called SaaSSy, which is of course a SaaS company. Its revenues last year reached 1 million euros, with the highest monthly income of more than 150 thousand, and in the past year, the monthly growth rate has stabilized at 10%. Among Europe’s SaaS start-ups, the SaaSSy company has been able to do so. Of course, the founders are very proud of what they have done. When they finance the 3 million A round, they attract the eyes of many VC companies. read more

The actual summary of how to enhance the user conversion rate to maximize the income of Amoy95, afte

Appearance of

3, the web page also affect the visitor’s psychological, when a visitor comes to your site, the first sight of out of order ", this is a floating advertisement, that a pop, she will look down, the change is for you, you will love to see this website! So the website must be clean and beautiful, this is the basic psychological nature, who love beautiful things. Try not to put more and more of the theme of the website

people are smart and kind, but life is boring, some lonely, need stimulation, so they don’t see "dog bite", they want to see "people bite dog" read more

The fight between the two business environment Shanghai profitable, Beijing more care about the layo


added to the site to promote the corresponding location, that will really show you, regular rotation replacement, in order to grasp the latest market trends, and active content of your web site. So the customer will inadvertently buy your guest products, get the commission.

can I do Taobao for a long time, there is no good products for my undivided attention do Taobao, now I start Taobao customers, because it may be hard, but the income is also a kind of comfort, Taobao customers not imagination of random access code, put on one piece of picture and text to a the hyperlink can be solved, now customers can be said very picky, but also learned the knowledge to buy high quality and inexpensive goods, here to talk about my experience read more

People send behind 80 entrepreneurs Xu Huan electricity supplierAmerican otaku favorite website

although the company’s multi-channel platform spawned many branches, it does not have a pillar channel. "This is our way of life."." "I’ve been unemployed for many times," Hardwick revealed. "Experience has taught me that too much reliance on a job can’t count on survival."."

the other thing was inspired by a client who did telescope business. Xu Huan told reporters that the customer is based on sales of binoculars based customers, in the forum earned 10 thousand dollars, tasted the sweetness, he hopes Xu Huan to help him do an online mall to broaden sales channels. The mall on the line, the people made a lot of money, then the customer went to Nanjing to buy two ship shipping business to do, of course, this is something. read more

Ali mother’s inspiration for shlf1314 AdSense, sh419 alliance will also improveTwelve LG G3 G after

1, AdSense support forum, beginners do may not know can communicate in what place can communicate here, can even get the official reply.

" is the pleasure of "get and use" – value coupon

? There is no any change, but it can be predicted that in the face of the crazy attack competitors, sh419 will certainly change strategy.

I started: Sichuan station network www.scadmin forwarding please specify.

LG G3 as the highest dark horse in this year’s high-end smart phones, better than iPhone 6 Plus laser autofocus lens and Quad HD screen, making it a large number of people "travel artifact."". Take LG G3 on your trip, experience an innovative laser autofocus technique, and focus on the 0.276 seconds of the time, and never miss any wonderful moments on the trip. In addition, large aperture, interface design and original self fill gesture self timer function can let you experience the different self pleasure. The world’s leading Quad HD screen, with a resolution of up to 2560*1440, brings unusual video entertainment. 2940mAh removable battery design and dual card dual pass features, the achievements of the national line LG G3 irresistible charm. Now participate in activities to win the following awards, with LG G3 "travel artifact", G engraved departure read more

BBS was sealed grassroots webmaster, but welcome 15 days earn 3000sh419 advertising optimization the

      2; ad form

in late March 2010, after the resignation of me on the shore of Qianjiang River, wlanfans forum also because a post card was blocked, the mood sank to the bottom. Then interviewed more than 20 companies, wages are very poor, those days is about to collapse. Never so bad, once the grassroots webmaster ideal life is becoming smaller and smaller.

daily life is still the same as before, during the day interview, evening imitation station, three companies a day, interviewed more than 20 companies, wages are low to poor. Perhaps because of my imitation station price is low, imitation and fine, have received imitation station orders, more and more, already don’t want to interview all day. So, chose a B2C mall, full-time do SEO, quickly settle down. read more

Biography Tencent read text Group intends to IPO financing scale this year or as high as $800 millio

, one of the people familiar with the matter said to Reuters that the group hasn’t yet set a target of funding between $600 million and $800 million.

in the McKinsey report "big data the next frontier: innovation, competition and productivity", it is optimistic about the 5 applications, respectively, is the European public sphere, health care, manufacturing, retail and location-based services. Now in retrospect, big data is playing a.

big data commercial exploration, stakeholders may be lost from the analysis of the data change constantly, at a loss. In the medical world, however, it is a different picture, because the rules will constrain it and hinder it. The 2011 edition estimates that data analysis will produce an annual potential value of $300 billion per year in the medical sector, with an annual growth rate of 0.7%. But in 2011 only 10~20% was realized, that is, the value of 300~600 billion. There are two reasons for this: one is the need for clinical trials, and the other is the implementation of data sharing and interoperability. read more

Super soft let the grass roots day into one hundred yuanFormer major shareholders responded to stree


below for full text:

method is as follows:

by www.admin2

1, seawings shares began to develop and deploy "AnkerBox" mobile power box on loan in early 2015, during the R & D investment and operating costs more than 20 million yuan, the peak of R & D team members more than 50 people. In order to better financing and development, this part of the business in the end of 2016 was split into Shenzhen Street Electric Technology Co., Ltd., began to operate independently,

, this soft, very powerful! I believe many friends did the video CPA friends all know, Alliance for valid registration is defined as the registered account and free trial talk for 8 minutes, or two times of landing. And this soft text not only lets the person look at the heartbeat, but also can let the registration person obediently walk all the steps. read more

Stationmaster future road transition means opportunity

 :            ;   in May 17th, Beijing, with the mainland confirmed the diagnosis of influenza A, more or less enveloped in an atmosphere of unease. But this did not reduce the enthusiasm of the webmaster. Webmaster as a huge and special group in the Internet industry, carrying too much expectations. Have stationmaster to oneself expectation, 2009, Fourth China Internet stationmaster annual meeting is held successfully in the Great Wall hotel of Beijing. The main theme of this annual meeting is "grow to the end."". In the global financial crisis under the environment, 2008 of the Internet industry has maintained a good momentum of growth, how to carry out the steady and rapid development of reserves has become a widely discussed topic of the conference in 2009 by the Internet industry’s good fundamentals. read more

Experience summary how to increase the import link of the website

my site (http://www.lbnovel.com) links are not many, because I am lazy, ha ha, I give you about how to increase your inbound links, these are my company to do optimization promotion when used, exclusive Oh!


1. now. Most stations are required to add new links, then look back, waiting for the web site administrator review, when your website is the audit after the administrator will not like some of the content type of webmaster to check links, why? Think also know the web site, there are too many Links and how could one have to check it, so, you can find the one hundred web site, submit to him now, plus links, then after 35 days, you can link to, because at that time Baidu has where he received your read more

One step wrong, step by step wrong! Public comment, happy, everyone, handle, where the most fatal st

product road network press: public comment on the wrong experience, that the two or three cities have no market, missed the opportunity to buy war. The lesson is: 1, do not rely on the past experience blindly: three or four line city consumers are not willing to find a restaurant on the Internet, does not mean they do not want to save money; 2, today the barbaric growth of the Internet circle, blindly Qiuwen is likely to miss the opportunity, fast, rapid iterative trial and error is the better choice. Happy net only pays attention to the product, but neglects other, has laid the foreshadowing for the defeat. The lesson is: 1, only with a strong product is completely insufficient, the subsequent development of short board operation, sales team will also affect the product; 2, start-up companies, the strategic layout of negligence shall make clear product planning. Can not test blindly in the crisis, digging everywhere. What about Renren? Handle nets? Where are they? read more

How to improve the popularity of Blog websites

recently, individual users of blog marketing asked, "how can you make your blog flourish and make your blog rich, and your browsing and comments are high?"." In fact, this issue is very concerned about everyone, because only the popularity of the blog, its orders will be higher probability of some. However, for the blog marketing, involving the scope of this problem is very wide, including not only the blogger’s own pros and cons, is also related to the blog the objective existence of the conditions, such as: links, keywords and search engine optimization. It seems that every link is the factor restricting it, and the concept of "Wang" is relative and dynamic, so it can not be generalized. Now we have a few main ideas thrown out, I hope that the net friend to help rib. read more

A student webmaster helpless stand experience

I’m a computer major. I’m majoring in programming, Java, JSP, c#, etc. I’m really not interested in programming. I am very interested in the network, so I made a website. Before doing the station, I have read a lot of SEO information, I know that the site’s update on the ranking of the site has a crucial role.

so I chose to do a literature station, probably because I think it’s easy to find literary resources. Ha ha, now think about it, that’s not really the case. The original resource is really hard to find, and their friends had written something after even run out of ammunition and food supplies. Next, how to find the original resources? I added a lot of literature QQ group, blog circle, ask if they can publish articles on the website, it seems that they did not agree, really depressed. Original resources, and I can only do pseudo original, updated every day a few articles are very time-consuming. read more

Small IDC doesn’t win, half of them for these reasons

although I do not do IDC, but I have access to the IDC more, simply sum up some of the current small IDC not profitable reasons, I do not know whether IDC also agree.
read more

Does China still have a growing soil for personal websites

BtChina finally closed the station, I think this is a matter that does not pass so suddenly was expected, Btchina was quoted as saying: "take notice broadcasting because there is no audio-visual license so the Ministry to delete the record number off station".

Internet 10 years of development history, but also personal website of history, is also a personal webmaster of bitterness history. In 97 or 98 years, the glory and splendor of a personal website is enough to cover other new stars on the internet. Gao Chunhui, the frontier town, the prodigal son, and the Chinese army have become the symbols of the Internet in the late 90s. At that time, the predecessor of sina four, still doing the forum, NetEase still busy personal homepage system and mail system selling modified Qmail. The Shenzhen Tencent is still looking for buyers for his OICQ. read more

Talking about the operation of local portal website

first of all, the webmaster of the local portal should have the idea of media.

media is a tool to communicate and disseminate information. It is a kind of information carrier, such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines, Internet and Internet media. It is called "fourth media". The position of the local gateway network is very clear, just like local TV stations, local newspapers and local radio. Local television stations, local newspapers, local radio how to manage you how to manage the local television stations, local newspapers, local radio how to promote you on how to promote the local TV stations, local newspapers, local radio how profitable you how to profit. Of course you don’t forget the characteristics of network media and traditional media is not the same, can not see I say this is completely mechanically, here I mean that you have to learn and master the way the media operation. read more

Good site retention, repeat customers is the key

station for two years now, I am also a member of the webmaster, from the website to talk about their own now, also feel stationmaster road twists and turns, the website can be extended out, first in order to open the fame but bend over backwards.

a good website, not to make money for the first choice, to think of users is the primary task, such sites can be popular, I think everyone don’t want himself into a website, full everywhere advertising, this is very not to love. Take my own Internet, since entering the station of the circle, each time the Internet will never play games, Internet browsing in some websites, I love the beautiful and clean web interface, so I browse the site will observe what website appearance, my website one and all to do more beautiful, do the purpose is to retain more customers. read more

I dragnet CEO Cai Liwen website promotion and operation of six points experience


net (www.55.la) from the formal operation in September 2007 has been more than a year, in this year, it made a lot of achievements, it has six months after the establishment of Ali and her mother, Comsenz, taobao.com, Tencent TenPay, Baise mall to reach a formal cooperation agreement; as a webmaster tools site that was widely reported in the media, and won wide recognition and support industry. At present, the number of registered members of the site has more than 230 thousand, the PR value reached 6, while the average site visits IP 50 thousand, PV average daily visits of about 300 thousand. read more

Liu Jun talking about the importance of enterprise station construction ease of use

has been in service enterprises, to the enterprise website construction above some suggestions, but slowly Liu Jun found that companies in the construction site of the lack of some things, these things are always ignored by most of our enterprise boss, they think is beautiful, complex (i.e., multiple functions) this site can be considered a good site. Is a beautiful Flash is a web site’s home page. But as the website game forum, micro-blog, sign since they want to add, but this is called superfluous. Only in this angle of their own to consider, and did not borrow the user’s eyes to look at this problem. This will take a good look at what I said in front of a blog enterprise positioning problems. Today, Liu Jun talked about the ease of use of the corporate website. (if necessary, you can add my QQ for communication: 623294003) read more

Local portal site and visitors have to seek

recently pondering the operation of a local housing information portal site site, this site is the fundamental starting point is to serve the local visitors to buy a house, and then through the flow accumulation to attract real estate advertising, at the time when building the site nor for the future development of more ideas, just want to create a a unique site. In my opinion, a local portal platform to the key to success is to make their own platform and our goal to achieve ideal effect of visitors. In addition to the online and offline promotion, to attract more visitors to participate in and stay in our site, this is a virtuous cycle of the process, and want to do this site and we must keep our visitors heart, here I will take place to establish their own real estate portal site as an example to share a few their views. read more