Young man selling online store combined with the accumulation of big money


for the past ten years, the Internet has created a large number of start empty-handed wealth myth, it also allows the industry to become a lot of "three noes" (no money, no relationship, no technology is the first choice for business people). Beibei young Jiang Xiaochun by selling prepaid cards started on the Internet, although the low profit, but sales up still doing well, even attracted the attention of domestic well-known Vc firm.

built the site to sell card


web site, Jiang Xiaochun has been engaged in the communications business sales, such as selling Mobile Recharge Card, 201, 202 phone card etc.. Every day like frequent errands like carpenter from the main city district between the purchase, payment, accounts receivable…… In 2003, he first came into contact with e-commerce. Think of yourself every day to do things, move the mouse will be able to solve sat at home, he quickly determined the transformation. read more

Entrepreneur readme Entrepreneurial Street coffee cool, but I only drink tea

a few days ago to see an article, the title is the main street coffee cool. As expected, there is always hot cool, not cool the Lao alchemy furnace.

huanxiang companies from the Zhongguancun Venture Street walk 5 minutes, on May 7th, the prime minister to the business street coffee, the next day, I wrote an article: "nonsense. By the end of 2015, the 80% intelligent hardware team will shot dead on the beach, there is 15000 of the amount of reading, then to write again, the stock market soared, you said the market risk, annoying. read more

Three new board formally announced a list of 920 companies shortlisted

news June 19th, the National SME share transfer system recently released into the initial list of innovation of enterprises, the new three layer innovation primary list of 920 companies, accounting for 12% of the number of all listed companies.

three new board formally announced a list of 920 companies shortlisted

May 27th, the National SME share transfer system released the "National SME share transfer system listed company hierarchical management approach (Trial)" announcement, announcement shows that since June 27, 2016, the national share transfer company official hierarchical management implementation of listed company. Since the "hierarchical management approach," the date of release, the application has not yet formally listed listed company can apply for access to innovation in accordance with the provisions of the hierarchical management approach. read more

My uncle Tsinghua alumni circle backed by venture capital circles is entrepreneurial change Tsinghua

Abstract: white fish maw founder Wang Bin said, "the Academy of entrepreneurship students an advantage is the brain hole is too big, but investors will be worried about this, we think too much, not only. So my angel investor always tells me to think twice."

previously, Tsinghua Department of entrepreneurs from a strong engineering background, mostly for technological invention entrepreneurship. Tsinghua art students entrepreneurship has been identified as very difficult, but the Department of Tsinghua Academy of fine arts entrepreneurs are changing this view. Not long ago, the content of entrepreneurship through the constellation realized 178 million fellow uncle is graduated from Tsinghua Academy of fine arts. read more

Internet plus fun supplies bashful rose.

lead: 7, 8 square meters of space in the collection of a desk, a chair, a table, a sofa, a folding bed. As a co-founder of "master technology ranks" in this small room really make people feel too low-key.

walked into Sun Chengxiao’s office when the evening sunset through the window broke in to the house covered with a little "shy" color. 7, 8 square meters of space in a collection of a desk, a chair, a table, a sofa, a folding bed. As a co-founder of "master technology ranks" in this small room really make people feel too low-key. read more

Sophia Amoruso Nasty Gal billionaire women how to do the annual income of $130 million

Abstract: from $220 thousand in 2008 to $23 million in 2011. In December last year, Nasty Gal opened its first flagship store in Losangeles, and this year’s annual revenue of nearly $130 million.

"I made a profitable company, but I don’t want to be in debt. I will get every point of income and then back into the business, which is the reason for the success of Nasty Gal."

2006, dropped out of school after the art of photography, 22 year old Sophia · Amoruso (Sophia Amoruso) in the shopping site eBay founded a women’s clothing store, Nasty Gal, specializes in selling Vintage clothing. Just like every shop owner, operating independently of the shop Sophia, often spend hours looking for a perfect clothing in the vicinity of the discount store, and then put them into a better design style, in the online sale. She spent $8 on a second-hand leather jacket and sold it for $1000 on the store. read more

Policy began to thaw who said that Japan is not suitable for Entrepreneurship

Abstract: mention of Japan’s entrepreneurial environment, the majority of people may be in the impression of a big question mark: do you really have the right soil for entrepreneurship


mention Japan’s entrepreneurial environment, the majority of people may be in the impression that a big question mark: do you really have the right soil for entrepreneurship?

author on this issue to investors and the media to ask, we are not optimistic about the investment in japan. There are many reasons, the author summarizes several key points are as follows: read more

Sequoia Capital Zheng Qingsheng entrepreneurs are the biggest VC, do not superstitious big brother f

Abstract: always asked such a theme, you as an investor, you forecast the next outlet where in fact, such a problem is the embodiment of heroes, not only do you ask me, you ask the other BAT bigwigs, or ask some industry leaders next an outlet where, in fact I think everyone is essentially not able to answer.

October 22, 2015, a guest Salon – " Sohu financial line; CHUANG arena " fifth kicked off in Beijing, organized by the Kroraina new Nissan chief sponsor, Ping an inclusive special sponsorship. LinkedIn (collar British) to discuss the hot topics of global vice president and President Shen Boyang China, Sequoia Capital Chinese fund partner Zheng Qingsheng, build capital founding partner Fan Li on the same stage on entrepreneurship and innovation, and interact with the scene of many entrepreneurs exchange. read more

88 years is how to do small start empty-handed tens of millions of assets

I know Wu is in the building materials market, building materials market to buy cabinets and kitchen appliances, his shop just in front of the market door, I walked in, less than 1.7 of the small, very thin, at first I thought he was just a clerk. Later I know I was wrong, he is the boss.

a detailed understanding of the price, feeling quite affordable, plus all the young people, he has little understanding of the electricity supplier, ready to take him home appliances and Jingdong mall above price comparison, "you see, our electrical appliances and Jingdong mall on the same price, you are here to buy, I give your installation in place, after a problem, a phone call I went, more convenient than online customer service," Wu Longjie himself is doing business, and basically every month to buy something in the Jingdong, but the feeling of cabinets and kitchen appliances these things from the Internet to buy installation and customer service and more trouble. Matching matching (say, like air conditioners, refrigerators, TV which I bought is a Jingdong or the United States), and hearing what he said, a little heart, is the main low-cost Jingdong, your home Electrical and Jingdong prices even lower, then what is hesitant, so the day he set the kitchen appliances and cabinets. read more

90 entrepreneurs Liu Xin investment domain revenue than entrepreneurial several times

90 after the famous entrepreneur Liu Xin, full of new technology CEO, the company has a large number of millions of WeChat operating with the site group, the circle of friends, a lot of extremely popular large flow of H5 applications are from his team. The origin of the style of his work is very ruthless. His company has also invested.

‘s business circle is very impetuous, Liu Xin’s company is located in Zhongguancun, the business center, he and other impetuous impetuous entrepreneurs, 90 he company is profitable, he is at a very young age to get financial freedom. read more

2015 Entrepreneurial anxiety outbreak year

was born in 80s, this group of people, the first 80 students who are 35 years old, sandwiched between standing and perplexed, character and mature, skilled work skills, industry contacts, economic foundation, when the life in the golden age, also may be the best time to start a business.

the late 89 born people also have 3~5 years of work experience, they are standing in the company and the company is at the crossroads, switched to a better business, or choose a business? The former is relatively stable, the latter’s risk. read more